Market Predictions

More market goodies today, but again not as much as usual, since we’ll be in Montreal later next week (look for some food posts while we’re there).

For baked goods there’s a peach pie, a cookie (breakfast!), another wheel of dinner rolls destined for the freezer, and a ciabatta loaf that’s already been put to use for sandwiches (prosciutto, mozzarella, and roasted peppers).

I found a new variety of pickling cucumbers called “Cool Breeze,” which are thinner-skinned than standard cukes. They’re already brined and in the basement. Decent, blight-free, ready-to-eat heirloom tomatoes are starting to show up, and so are the first lobster mushrooms of the season.

The plums looked good this week, as did the peaches and raspberries. Until I can locate a reliable recipe for peche à  la frog, it will be peach melba for dessert tonight.

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