The Meat Experiment

It’s easy to eat locally grown vegetables when you can just walk a few blocks every weekend and pick what you want from a large variety of stands. It’s harder to eat locally grown meat, because there are fewer vendors who sell meat at farmer’s markets. That’s why I signed up for a half-share in a meat CSA (community supported agriculture) from Stillman’s at The Turkey Farm.

Our Thanksgiving turkey last year was from Stillman’s, and it was the best-tasting turkey I had ever cooked. I’ve purchased other things from them at the market — eggs, lamb, pork — so I had a good idea of the quality of their meat.

Today was pickup day for the first share of the first month (it will go through December, with one delivery per month).  The meat is all frozen and vacuum-packed, which makes for less than exciting photography, but I received a representative sample of what Stillman’s has to offer: ground lamb, ground beef, four pork chops, lamb riblets, a lamb leg steak, and two whole chicken breasts.

The chops and chicken are up for dinner this coming week, the rest are in the freezer. I’m looking forward to the next delivery, and I’ve been told if I ask in advance they’ll have some of the more unusual bits available for additional purchase. Trotters, anyone?

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