Market trends

Still overloaded on vegetables from last week’s market trip, I pared down the purchases today.

Farmer's Market 6-27-09

Boston lettuce, red chard, garlic scapes (the curly things), country sourdough loaf, asparagus, first cherries of the season, heirloom cherry tomatoes (tomatoes will be a weekly purchase until the end of their growing season), strawberries (ditto), smoked pork chops, and ground beef.

She Who Must be obeyed demanded another asparagus and pecorino salad; He Who Must Not be Ignored insists on tacos for dinner soon, which explains the ground beef. The garlic scapes will be minced and added to various salads and tossed with the chard and some sugar snap peas.

If the cherries and strawberries are nature’s candy (I overheard some hipster doofus telling that to his three-year-old), then the bread and pork chops are nature’s crack, and I’m hooked.

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