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They Do The Mash

In his story “Burning Chrome,” William Gibson wrote the now-famous aphorism “The street find its own uses for things.” That observation has always been at its most appropriate in music remix culture. DJs discovered an alternate use for the turntable … Continue reading

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Katsu Curry (A Slight Return)

I didn’t clarify in yesterday’s post that I had not yet eaten the Cafe Mami katsu curry, since I had tried the two different preparations at home. Today was a half day for Miles, so we had lunch at the … Continue reading

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Katsu Curry

The Super 88 may be the best food court in Boston, but in Cambridge that honor goes to the Porter Exchange and its collection of Japanese (and one Korean) eateries. One hole-in-the wall place there stands out from the rest: … Continue reading

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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

I haven’t posted anything in a week, the week from hell, in which I had to launch two web sites. The relative ease of working with one of my clients made the experience with my other client (actually, my other … Continue reading

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