Lobster Bisque

January 7, 2009

After gorging ourselves on cheap lobster on New Year’s Eve, I dealt with the leftovers. I removed the meat from the knuckles (the sections between the claws and body), then set the shells and cleaned bodies in water to simmer for a few hours. I passed the lobster broth through a chinois a few times and then set it over low heat to reduce overnight to make lobster stock.

Last night I sweated a mirepoix and some herbs, added the stock, chopped tomatoes, sherry, white wine, and white rice and simmered everything for half an hour. I pureed the resulting soup  in a blender, then added a cup of heavy cream. A gentle reheat to warm up the leftover lobster meat, and presto! – lobster bisque:

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque

Very tasty, and I remembered to add the chopped chives before serving (new resolution – pay more attention to plating).  Miles liked it, even though he had expressed some skepticism after watching me make the stock (“It smells funny.”).

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