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Another Mac & Cheese Idea

Hello new visitors from Ruhlman-land, thanks for checking out my blog. Have a look around, read about my adventures in charcuterie. A search on “Ruhlman” or “Ratio” will turn up a good amount of reading material, including an amusing exchange … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Pump Meltdown

My desire for precision and accuracy occasionally leads to trouble. It wasn’t enough to have constructed my own immersion circulator, I had to test it to make sure it would be accurate through the range of temperatures (60°C – 85°C) … Continue reading

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Tea-Brined Five-Spice Roast Chicken

You won’t find many overly specialized cookbooks in my collection. Entire volumes dedicated to one ingredient are inevitably packed with filler, or so many minor variations – inserted just to boost the recipe count – as to not matter. The … Continue reading

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