And the Meat Goes On

The farmer’s market is closed, but my meat CSA continues throughout the winter. So I had to brave the near-hurricane weather to pick up this month’s share at a parking lot in Cambridge. The line of people huddled under the awning that shaded the back of a refrigerated van reminded me of the turkey giveaway scene in New Jack City: everyone shivering and waiting for their fix.

What did I score? Another perfect chicken, two ham steaks (mmm… ham), a half slab of pork spare ribs, a lamb leg steak and a bonus. Before handing me the bag, the pusher, er, farmer asked “Would you like some fatback?”

“You’re giving away free fatback?”

“Yes, we are.”

“You realize we’re already hooked, that you don’t have to up the ante? But I’ll take as much as you want to give me.”

Now I have two slabs of fatback and a lardo recipe. Stay tuned.

(Sorry about the post title, but that Carol Kaye bass line has been running though my head all week.)

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