Flooding the Market

The vegetables were picked yesterday and on the truck this morning. There’s no way we weren’t coming today.” I heard that from all of the farmer’s market vendors who are actual farmers instead of bakers or artisanal producers. How could I not buy today after they had slogged through hurricane rains?

My first purchases were from the Union Square market (above): onions, peaches, raspberries, cucumbers, red peppers, jalapeños, and tomatoes, including the massive orange pineapple variety.

Today was also a pickup day for our meat CSA, so I headed over to Cambridge to see what was in this month’s dividend:

August Meat CSA

For beef there were top round steaks, a chuck steak, and ground chuck. There were also pork cutlets and chicken leg quarters. I have to cook this stuff faster; I’m running out of freezer space.

I also bought a few more things not available in my neighborhood:

Cambridge Purchases

Brioche loaf, lemon curd cake, maple pecan and blueberry scones, broad beans, and lemon cucumbers. I saved a few of those for tonight’s salad, and have already converted the rest into pickles – slices this time.

Lemon Cucumber Pickles

I ended my shopping run with a visit to my butcher (Savenor’s) to inquire about the availability of ingredients I need for a secret project or two, and left with swordfish steaks for tonight’s diner. I might be dry by then.

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3 Responses to Flooding the Market

  1. David,

    Are you liking that meat C.S.A. thing? I’m thinking of signing up.

    — Melanie

    • David says:

      Stillman’s is a great farm, their pork, lamb, and turkeys are top-notch. I’ve also been very happy with their ground beef, a product I will no longer buy in a supermarket. I currently have a half share, which seems to be enough. Since you live with a vegetarian, you might be able to get by on a quarter share.

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