Introducing Reading While Cooking

Two weeks ago I saw this post from Rose Fox in my Twitter feed:


Intrigued, I replied:


Rose answered:


Rose and I have worked together before, so after a few email exchanges we divided up the tasks. We grabbed a domain name, set up a WordPress blog, launched a Patreon campaign, and within 24 hours Reading While Cooking was born.

Our introductory post explains how the blog works:

Reading While Cooking is an advice column for readers and eaters. We provide book and recipe pairings tailored to your interests, to nourish your mind and your body together. Every Reading While Cooking advice column answers a request for book and recipe recommendations, taking all your literary and dietary preferences and restrictions into consideration.

We published our first official recommendations post today: Epics, Peppercorns, Pomegranates. I think we both rose to the challenge with interesting suggestions. I even wrote new recipe adaptations to accommodate our first request.

Have a look, check out the books and recipes, and, if you like what you’ve read, consider tossing a few bucks our way via our Patreon page. You literary and dining needs could be the subject of one of our next posts!

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