The Adventures of Samurai Shark

September 19, 2012

Samurai Shark!

When we weren’t eating or sleeping, the remainder of our Chicago trip was devoted to the science fiction convention that provided us with a convenient excuse to travel. During one of our visits to the dealers’ room we spent some time talking to David Malki !, creator of the Wondermark web comic, co-editor of the Machine of Death anthologies, and all-round bon vivant.

In addition the Wondermark line of quality goods, Malki ! was also creating sketches on the spot, based on his patented Roll-a-Sketch algorithm:

She Who Must Be Obeyed asked for a sketch, doubled up to $10, and insisted that one of the rolls be counted as a 1 so she could choose “shark” from column B. (She’s an attorney, she collects toy sharks.) The artist was happy to oblige, and provided running commentary as he sketched:

It took me a minute to realize that I was listening to a Stan Lee impression. I’m not alone in not catching on right away:

I enjoy that when @ does an impression of Stan Lee, it's him doing an impression of @ doing an impression of Stan Lee.
Nikki Rice Malki

After fleshing out the origin story of the new superhero, Samurai Shark, we were presented with the results:

Malki !/Stan’s a great salesman – I’d read that comic.

Remember, they’re not always about food.


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