Rock That Font (Slight Return)

After writing yesterday’s post about the remarkable Rock That Font blog, I sent them a one-sentence email: “Submitted for your approval, my homage to your remarkable blog,” along with the link. Less than ten hours later I had a reply from Shawn O’Keefe, one of the founders, asking if he could publish my Joy Division piece as a guest contribution.

As of this morning, I’m a guest on Rock That Font. How cool is that?

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5 Responses to Rock That Font (Slight Return)

  1. Andrew says:

    Nice one. I’m a HUGE JD/NO fan, from the age of 14. Back then, I had much of the back catalogue on vinyl, and I just love(d) Saville’s artwork & design (I just recently got a copy of the Factory book). I was obsessed with the quasi-occult aspects of it, the minimal labeling, the obscure numbering system (i.e. FAC 251), the inscrutable artwork. Unfortunately, not obsessed quite enough to hold onto all that stuff, which I must have sold during an unfortunate and brief Grateful Dead period. I don’t even have a turntable, but I sure wish I had those 12 inches back.

    – aj

    • David says:

      I’ll forgive you for the Grateful Dead apostasy.

      Have you seen the three movies about Joy Division: Control, 24 Hour Party People, and Joy Division?

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks for forgiving my GD phase. It was where all the good drugs were.

        I’ve seen them all, yes. 24H PP was fun but throwaway (I loved Andy Serkis as Martin Hannett). Control was beautifully shot and wonderfully acted; my only complaint was it was a rather one-sided, idealized portrait of Curtis. JD was/is a great documentary. I own it, and have watched it several times now. I love the interviews with Hook and Sumner. I find it so funny that they obviously can’t stand each other, and yet they made such amazing music together.

        (BTW, Safari 5 on Mac totally borks your comment section. I had to use Firefox to get them to show.)

      • David says:

        The first half of 24HPP was great, the second half couldn’t convince me that the Happy Mondays were anything more than a bunch of wankers. I agree with you about the JD interviews. I saw New Order years ago on the “monsters of College Rock” tour (headlining with The Sugarcubes opening, PiL up second) and noticed that Hook and Sumner were as far apart from each other as the stage allowed.

        If you haven’t already, you should read “Joy DIvision: PIece by PIece” by Paul Morley.

        As for Safari 5 and the blog, it works just fine on my machines.

  2. (My bad: I’d installed a Safari extension that is meant to hide comments. D’oh!)

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