The Downfall of Vaccine Denial

If you thought the vaccine denial movement was immune to the Downfall video meme, you’re in for a surprise. As you can see here, der Führer had a rough time of it after learning about a Danish study demonstrating no causal link between vaccines and autism.

It’s worth it to hear him scream:

It’s not about their evidence! It’s not about their science! It’s about scaring parents with our own studies!

I discovered this gem at Orac’s Respectful Insolence blog, be sure to check out the post for details about some of the in-jokes in the clip.

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2 Responses to The Downfall of Vaccine Denial

  1. winenegress says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have friends with kids all along the autism spectrum and they don’t find this kind of crap particularly helpful. Great story in Wired a few months back about US scientist who is gunning for the thimerosal hysterics.

    • David says:

      Miles is on the spectrum, which is why I have such an interest in quashing the anti-vaccine nonsense. Send your friends to the blog, click on the “autism” category tag, and you can see everything I’ve posted about it to date.

      I like sending people to the Rethinking Autism site.

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