One Year Later

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my first post to this blog, in which I listed three goals:

  1. Learn how to use and customize WordPress, which would be of use to some of my web clients.
  2. See if I can get into the routine of posting something every day that won’t bore the hell out of any eventual readers.
  3. If goal #2 works out, try to narrow the focus of what gets posted to something people may want to read.

How did I do?

  1. I definitely know how to use WordPress, and have built blog sites for some of my clients. I’ve made gradual improvements to the appearance and usability of this site.
  2. I didn’t post every day, but came very close to posting five days a week, which isn’t too shabby when you take work panics and vacations into account.
  3. I have narrowed the focus a bit. It seems most of the 100 or so readers I have come for the food and cooking posts, although I have received positive comments about the occasional music and science posts as well. I won’t be writing much about He Who Will Not Be Ignored outside of the context of his increasing interest in cooking, since his social and mental makeup has undergone more software and firmware upgrades than an iPhone 3G.

So what are the new goals for the coming year?

  1. Work on improving my critical vocabulary for describing meals. I never realized how difficult it is to describe how something tastes until I tried to do it myself.
  2. Improve my food photography. I have a better camera, but I have to work on the lighting to remove the yellow cast that suffuses most of my food photos.
  3. Increase my readership. I’ve made friends with other bloggers and have shared links and posts, but this is where you come in. If you like what you read here, tell your friends. If you don’t like at you read here, tell me. I’m always working on getting better.
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