Get Better

Merlin Mann is one of my favorite bloggers. He had me hooked years ago with 43 Folders, when I was obsessed (along with the rest of my geek circle) with Getting Things Done. Today, I found this talk  — How To Blog — on Kung Fu Grippe, his personal blog, and the slide shown above. It may be the best advice on blogging I’ve seen:

Find your obsession.

Every day, explain it to one person you respect.

Edit everything, skip shortcuts, and try not to be a dick.

Get better.

Pretty simple advice, but it sets the bar very high. I have it printed out and taped to my desk where I’ll see it every day. Only time will tell if I get better.

And “Starting a blog to generate traffic is like learning ventriloquism to meet girls.” is the second-best advice I’ve heard in a long time.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Damn. I knew that Mortimer Snerd doll was a waste of money.

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