The Bottom Line

Di & I were invited to dinner with the rest of the staff of her startup venture. We asked Jackson, our neighbors’ son, to look after Miles. The two of them get along, usually playing video games until we return.

When we left, I had Miles set up to play Little Big Planet on the PS3. About an hour later, he decided he wanted to play a game on the Wii. I had forgotten to show Jackson how to switch inputs on the new remote, so he ran into some trouble. Miles demanded that he call Mom or Dad to find out how to fix the problem, but Jackson gently reminded Miles that we probably didn’t want to be disturbed.

The problem was eventually solved by Jackson calling his dad over to figure out the remote, but while they waited, Miles turned his back and sulked. Finally, he said “Bottom line, Jackson — if that Wii isn’t working soon, you won’t be babysitting here anymore.”

Did we learn that one from Mommy? Yes we did!

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