The star maker machinery behind the popular song

Chris is back from Wales, where he worked on the new record by Super Furry Animals. The band decided to document the entire production process:

Super Furry Animals are never ones to stay still creatively, and with their forthcoming (currently untitled) 9th studio album they have decided to document the process on 4 individual hand held cameras. But this will be no ordinary “the making of the album” story; it’s a series of Warhol-like observations, of a band putting the finishing touches to songs, a celebration of the banal nature of the mixing process. Whole chunks of time seem to vanish at twice the speed over a slow game of darts or the making of a cup of tea as a song is played on repeat 26 times on the mixing console.
Inspired by Mike Figgis’s ground breaking film Time Code, the episodes will be released in 21 individual episodes starting on the 23rd February, 8p.m.GMT through this site.

“Ah! Greetings friends, join us for the next few weeks as we finish up our new album for your ears. We have borrowed 4 video cameras from friends and family and we will document events as they unfold, hopefully with as little drama as possible.”

— The Film Council of SFA.

Check out the proceedings at the SFA web site. Chris is the one without the Welsh accent, seen in the bottom two frames here (from day 2):

SFA day 2

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