The iTerrarium

I thought that my Macquarium was the finest example of what could be done with a Macintosh that had reached the end of its useful life. Then I saw the iTerrarium constructed by Paul Riddell of the Texas Triffid Ranch, and knew that I had another example to add to my collection. When Paul announced that it was for sale, I snapped it up before anyone else could grab it.

The box arrived last week, and, after some careful unpacking and assembly, I am now the proud owner of a Nepenthes alata, a small Asian pitcher plant native to the Philippines. When the plant has established itself in my new home, it will develop pitchers in a complimentary color to the case.


Paul did an exceptional job excavating the Apple guts from the case, and converted the handle on top into a removable access hatch. The green-cored glass beads you can see near the front glow in the dark!

Given that the plant is carnivorous, I thought it needed one more decoration: a victim.

Intel Inside iTerrarium

I knew that one day I’d have a use for the Intel Inside figure. I like that it looks like it’s cowering away from the plant.

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  1. Karl R. Wurst says:

    I look forward to seeing it when we next visit. What place of honor has it been given at Chez Belm?

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