Thinking About Rethinking Autism

“Autism. It’s all over the media. The conversation is focused on causation and cure. It’s time to change the conversation toward hope, support, respect and understanding. The facts are not sexy. So, we got someone who is to explain them.”

Using a hot babe to direct attention to autism issues is a stroke of genius. The folks at Rethinking Autism are to be commended for coming up with this brilliant idea. Be sure to visit their concise, informative web site, and exercise some self control: read the other pages before you hit the videos page to see the other three spots.

Leeann is Leeann Tweeden, who has made a career out of being a Professional Hot Babe (PHB). But as I watched the video posted here, part of me was hoping the tag line would be “… and I have autism.”

A PHB with autism? That would be awesome.

(Thanks to Colin at Draw Code Fly for sending me the RA link.)

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